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Permix has been leading health & beauty manufacturers with our mixing solutions since 1954.

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PerMix Health & Beauty Solutions

Whether you are creating a base to use the face as an art canvas, creating a work of beauty, or creating a paste that brightens even the dullest of smiles, enlightening the world as well as the inner soul, PerMx understands the needs. With the increasing demand of “natural” & even “organic” as well as the increasing demand for the longevity of synthetics, our solutions will perform flawlessly for your needs.


Health & Beauty Manufacturing & Production

Whether you are manufacturing powders for the creative side of the industry, cremes to limit the advancement of aging, or pastes to whiten a dull smile, we have the mixing solution that you need for every category, whether powder, pastes, or liquid.

Ingredient Mixing & Pre-Conditioning

Ingredient mixing & pre-conditioning is important prior to production. Whether you are mixing ingredients to speed production needs, or simply keeping stored inventory fresh, preventing settling, our mixers will do the task.

Conical Mixers

Conical Mixers are ideal for pre-conditioning ingredients of any type, including that of grains, granules, and powders.

Vertical Ribbon Mixers

Vertical Ribbon Mixers are perfect for mixing colorants, dyes, and pigments prior to mixing into bases.

Drum Mixers

Drum Mixers are perfect for keeping ingredients, flavors, and additives rotated in inventory which prevents settling and ensures better batch consistency.

3D Mixers

Our 3D Mixers offer a quick and easy way to mix powders while allowing easy clean up and versatility that is needed in new formulation in the Lab/R&D facilities.

Mixing & Blending

As the trends of the Health & Beauty Industry change often, even according to season, age, & trends, the need to have a diversified solution to your mixing needs is important. Having a diversified mixer allows for your production line
to stay flexible, answering today’s needs and tomorrow’s demands. As a result of this, PerMix has a large variety of mixers that are used in the Health & Beauty Industry.

Fluidized Bed, Paddle & Plow Mixers

For a quick response in mixing needs our Paddle Mixers & Plow Mixers answer the need. The ability to rapidly mixer ingredients together of different particle sizes or density is where these mixers are most useful. The mixing action
provided in these mixers makes a quick task out of blending & mixing ingredients together to make a homogenous blend. By adding a jacket you can easily create the ultimate in heating/cooling applications. Adding vacuum will allow for
certain advantages to be capitalized on, increasing QA, HACCP, and minimizing the disturbance of proteins, lipids, & fats.

Ribbon Mixers

When the need to mix & blend without ingredient or product shearing, tearing, degradation, or harm, the most gentle type of mixer is our PerMix Ribbon Mixers. These mixers are a slow, gentle mix type when compared to our Paddle & Plow
Mixers. Our Ribbon Mixers are offered in two types, a horizontal type & a vertical type. Both a which share the same mixing principle however Vertical Ribbon Mixers offer more batch size versatility.

Sigma Mixers & Double Planetary Mixers

When the ability to knead as well as mix, blend, and flip & fold, our Sigma Mixers as well as our Double Planetary Mixers fit this need perfectly. Whether you are mixing a paste or creating a thick viscous concentrate, these mixers make
ease of mixing ingredients to create a homogenous blend of viscous products. Add in the ability to heat & cool, as well as the option to mix under vacuum make these units superstars of the production line.

V-Mixers & Double Cone Mixers

The ability to mix, blend, and even shear with the addition of an optional intensifier bar, our V-Mixers & Double Cone Mixers are cost effective mixing tools that require little maintenance. Add the ability to heat & cool with our
optional jackets, our V-Mixers & Double Cone Mixers are perfect for mixing products that need precise temperature control. Add the optional vacuum on top of that, and the mixers prove to be versatile across many applications.

Universal Vacuum Processors & High-Speed Dispersers

The ability to produce organic bases, natural colorants, natural lotions, & cremes in one unit offers the ultimate in versatility. The ability to manufacture products in one universal machines creates not only an increase in production
and a decrease in labor, but it also creates an increase in batch QA as well as saves money in regards to equipment purchasing & line footprint. Our Universal Vacuum Processors, along with our high speed dispersers, create a universal
tool that will allow production needs to be met with ease while remaining flexible, creating the ability to expand offerings when needed. Imagine making 1,000kgs of mayonnaise per hour in one machine. That is the PerMix advantage.

High-Speed Granulator

In a PerMix PDI series Rapid Mixer Granulator, the powders are set in a multidimensional shear flow state and it needs only short mixing time until they are thoroughly mixed. In case that granulation is required, the spraying system
sprays the binder solution into the bowl to agglutinate with the materials and under the combined action of the impeller and chopper, uniform and porous granules are produced. After finishing the mixing or granulation process,
powders/granules are discharged through the side discharge with no “dead zone” valve.


Concentrates, Washes, Sprays, & Liquids

The trends in the concentrates, washes, sprays, lotions, & liquids, are always changing and the ability to change with the trends results in a sustainable business model. The do so health & beauty, as well as pharmaceutical/nutraceutical manufacturers must predict future trends to stay ahead of competition. To assist with this PerMix offers solutions for the industry that go beyond “the known” forecasting “the unknown”. One of the largest driving force in the industry today is the health benefits of our beverages, capitalizing on the holistic healing powers of plants.

Powder Induction & Mixing

The ability to mix, blend, homogenize, emulsify, and induce powders into liquids is demanding. Whether you are simply mixing in colors, sweeteners, or adding complex proteins into liquids, PerMix offers solutions to your needs. Whether
it is a continuous flow or batch type production, we have an answer to your needs.

Inline Emulsifiers & Homogenizers

Our Inline Mixers feature the ability to continuously mix or batch mix depending on your needs. Our Inline series of mixers offer the need to grow with demands as well as offer flexibility in regards to product mixing. The stator /
rotor is designed to quickly be changed according product type and also desired output of particle size. Multiple styles can be ordered and changed according to needs, while using the same pump body & motor, creating a powerful versatile
tool in the production line.

Powder Induction Mixers

Our Powder Induction Mixers incorporate all of our features of our Inline Mixers and add the convenience of a powder induction funnel, making adding powders in bulk an easy task. In addition, some of our models offer a secondary pump
for added performance & versatility, creating a powerhouse when it comes to powder induction if high production areas.

Shear Pumps

Whether your need is to simply mix & blend powders quickly, or resize particles/molecules on a macro or micro level, our Shear Pumps have the flexibility. Our Shear Pumps are available in several sizes and also can be ordered in
single-stage rotor/stator combinations or multi-stage combinations, up to a three-stage system,. In addition, our Shear Pumps can be ordered in either a horizontal or vertical configuration.

Magnetic Mixers

Keeping liquid ingredients agitated is often needed in beverage production and our PerMix Magnetic Mixers solve the complex need of adding mixing to a pre-existing tank. Our Magnetic Mixers are designed to be added with ease while
still offering the performance needed.


High-speed blending and mixing often introduces air into products. This air, if not removed, will creates issues in packaging as well as limit shelf life. PerMix Deaerators will allows users to remove unwanted air & gasses from products
prior to packaging, allowing for extended shelf life, increase in quality, stop oxidation, & exceed HACCP & SQF standards.
It will also save on packaging as well as recalls.

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