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Month: August 2021

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PerMix Fluidized Zone Mixers

Disruptive By Nature, Driven By Perfection, Our Single Shaft Fluidized Paddle Mixers Lead The Industry In Performance, Quality, &. Price.

When you need to mix products of different densities quickly and aggressively yet gently with minimal to no shear, the Fluidized Zone Mixer gets the job done. Available in a dual shaft or single shaft, the Fluidized Zone Mixer is quickly replacing the Ribbon Mixer across the globe. More efficient, easier to clean, the Fluidized Zone Mixer will increase production while decreasing labor, which is necessary in today’s world of labor crisis, and returning a quick ROI.

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PerMix Ribbon Mixer Bulk Bag Loading Dust Control/Collection

PerMix Engineerng Team Presents: Ribbon & Paddle Mixer Bulk Bag Loading Solutions

Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry in innovation, performance, quality, & providing custom solutions to customer’s needs on any budget. Budget is the keyword there and not everyone has the budgets of Fortune 500 companies. We here at PerMix understand this and this is what drives us every day, creating custom-engineered products that meet the needs of today, keeping in mind the demands of the future.

Here is our sanitary ribbon mixer with a bulk bag loading canopy with dust control/collection. The customer was on a budget and the loading of the machine was very labor-intensive and was filled by manually dumping of bulk ingredients that were bagged into mixer. The need to reclaim the dust and control it was necessary and PerMix created a cost-effective way to achieve this. The product that is collected in the dust collector can then be reclaimed for later use if desired.

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Mixing, Specifying, & Sampling

What is mixing? What are you trying to accomplish when you mix? Where do you start? These are some questions you ask when approaching a new mixing situation. A lot of factors are involved in determining the best mixer to use the most efficient batch size and mixing time, and how’s your material’s particle size distribution, size density, and shape will affect your mixing.

The whole idea of mixing is to distribute different ingredients within a batch in such a way that when you divide the batch each division has the same proportion of each ingredient. This sounds easy, what’s difficult is determining just how uniform the mixture has to be.

With a well-planned mixing specification, you can minimize the difference between batches of the end product. Ingredients are classified as majors, minors, and micros. A major is more than 5 percent of the batch, a minor is from 1 to 5 percent and micro is less than 1 percent.

If there is no clear mixing specifications, each time the batch is made, different operators might change the order of addition. And each time this changes the batch and vary. Thus the ingredient addition order becomes a variable that can change the consistency of the product.

Sampling can help ensure that your batch has the right mixture. Knowing what size sample to take is critical. Sample size is particularly important when the end product is tiny. The sample not only determines if a batch is good, it also determines if a rework is required. Therefore, you want it to be based on a correctly taken sample. Ensuring that your samples are taken in the same way every time eliminates another variable from the process


PerMix PAM Vertical Vacuum Mixers & Mixers/Dryers

PerMix Engineering Team Presents: The Ultimate Performance & Versatility In Vertical Mixers

PerMix has been leading the industry in innovation and engineering, setting the standards others follow since 1954. Our combination of innovation, performance, quality and pricing has made us the most disruptive brand in the industry.

Our PAM Vertical Mixers offer the most versatility ever seen in a vertical mixer. The ability to quickly & efficiently mix products with low shear when needed & at the same time offer shearing through the addition of optional choppers allow flexibility in processing, meeting the needs of today while keeping the demands of tomorrow open. The specially designed agitation combines all the advantages of a ribbon mixer with all the advantages of a paddle mixer giving the customer the ultimate in performance & versatility.

The advantages of a vertical mixer over a horizontal mixer are many, including greater flexibility of batch size as the vertical mixer has a lower minimum batch size, offering the ability to run small batches if desired. Another advantage of vertical mixing is the ability to has less waste & product loss versus horizontal mixing. A typical horizontal mixer with a center bottom discharge has up to 5 – 10% product loss. A vertical mixer, since gravity assist with emptying products during discharge, and the cone shape of the vessel, only 0.5-1% of product loss is seen.

With the ability to add an ASME certified heating & colling jacket, even in multi-zones, as well as the ability to add internal vacuum, the PAM mixer also gives the ability to mix & dry at the same time. When considering heat transfer, vertical mixers offer a greater amount of surface area for heat transfer to be more effective compared to horizontal mixers.

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